Dental Delivery System | A-dec 500 Assistant's Instrumentation
A‑dec 500 chair-mounted assistant's instrumentation

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A-dec 500 Assistant's Instrumentation. Flexible, Customized Positioning.

A‑dec 500 chair-mounted assistant's instrumentation

Challenge: Sometimes dental operatory space is limited and you don't have room for a worksurface and assistant's instrumentation at 12 o'clock.

Solution: A-dec 500 chair-mounted assistant's instrumentation.

The A-dec 500 chair-mounted assistant's instrumentation provides comfortable access to vacuum instruments and accessories whether you're working by yourself or with an assistant.

A-dec 5 Year Warranty
Backed by a 5-year warranty.

A‑dec 500 chair-mounted assistant's instrumentation
Flexible positioning: Get optimal instrument placement for 2- and 4-handed dentistry. Pivoting holders allow your assistant to independently position the syringe, vacuum instruments, and other devices where they're the most comfortable and accessible.
Exceptional range of motion: Both the short- and long-arm A-dec 500 assistant's instrumentation offer nearly unlimited positioning on either side of the chair.
A‑dec 500 assistant's instrumentation holder options with standard touchpad
  • Assistant's holder choices. Accommodates various combinations of vacuum instruments, syringe, and other accessories; includes electric holder options.
  • Adjustable holders. Rotates as a group and pivot independently customizing instrument positioning.
  • Integrated A-dec 500 standard touchpad. Provides secondary control of chair, dental light, and cuspidor (or accessory) functions; serves as a sturdy handle for positioning the assistant's arm.
  • Easy left/right conversion. Accommodates both left- and right-handed operators.
  • Vacuum tower. Rotates to improve HVE and saliva ejector tubing management; includes a large-capacity solids collector to simplify routine cleaning.

A‑dec 500 chair-mounted assistant's instrumentation

  • Five adjustable pivot points
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustments
  • Mounts to A-dec 500, A-dec 400, and A-dec 300 dental chair


  • Four adjustable pivot points
  • Horizontal adjustments
  • Mounts to A-dec 500, A-dec 400, and A-dec 300 dental chair

Assistant's holder options

  • Choice of single 3-position, single 4-position, or dual 2-position holder
  • Auto-electric holders and large bore 15 mm HVE

Integrated option

Curing Lights

Warm Water Syringe